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Draw upon the ground the Circle of Demonic Pacts. Bring
into the Circle the sigil of the demon to be summoned. Set
and light a black candle at each of the cardinal points
around the outer perimeter of the Circle of Pacts. Set your
censor in the direction in which the demon will materialize.
Light the coals therein, so that they will be ready for the incense
at that time.
Sit or kneel in the center of the Circle of Pacts. Bring your
attention to your breath, letting its rhythm guide you down
through rings of reality, into the theta-gamma harmony,
which is often called gnostic trance.

Place your incense upon the burning coals. As the smoke
rises from the censor, gaze into the sigil of the demon, connecting
with it, uniting your mind with its mind. Allow
yourself to sense the demon's presence nearing. Allow your
inner vision to behold its appearance. Allow your body to
respond to the shift in the room as your heart rate increases,
as your pupils dilate, as it becomes more difficult to breathe.
Gazing into the sigil still, through the psychic maelstrom
building in the room, sense the demon's power and presence
swirling and gaining critical mass.
Eyes locked with the flashing sigil, utter the Grand Invocation
of the Pact: ''Alash tad Al'ash tal Ashtu ' Repeat the invocation
again and again, the imaginative form of the
demon's body solidifying in your inner vision, the incantation
accelerating the movement of energy and power
around you.
Allow the Rapture to take you, the repetition of the incantation
overwhelming your mind and your body. As you
linger on the edge of unconsciousness, recognize that the
figure beheld in your inner vision has united with the tangible
energy in the Temple.

On the cusp of either unconsciousness or insanity, immediately
before falling into either, cease the repetition of the
Grand Invocation of the Pact, and instead command
"(Demon's Name) , come:' Raise your eyes from the sigil to
the billowing incense smoke, maintaining the same detached
gaze that you held upon the sigil, now proj ected into
thair before you. Repeat again and again the name of the
demon, and the command for it to come.

The demon will materialize in the room in a body beholdable
to all of your senses in the exact moment that you lose
your mind - meaning that as soon as the rapture has taken
you completely, as soon as your evaluations and analyses of
the thing on a cerebral level cease, and as soon as you give
your mind and all of your senses over to that which is impossible,
you will meet the demon, face-to-face.

It is necessary to state to the demon your specific desires,
as concisely as possible. No commands are to be made, but
a simple proposal of what you desire. "lliJ., I have Summoned
you forth so that I may . . . " If it is knowledge you
seek, ask the demon specific questions, having prepared
them beforehand, and having a pen and notepad ready, as
you will certainly have notes to take. In the fugue-state of
rapture, you will have a hard time carrying any knowledge
out of the Circle of Pacts after the demon has left and you
have returned to yourself. Insisting that you don't need to
take notes because you'll commit the information to memory
is a waste of both your time and, infinitely worse, the
demon's time. If instead you desire a certain change to take
effect in your life, let that be known.

Once the demon has offered the information which you
seek, or you have come to an agreement on the course of
future events, conclude the evocation by asking the demon
to depart from the Temple, and to go into the world to bring
you that which you desire, or simply to "Return from
whence you came:' As the demon's body dematerializes, recite
again the Grand Invocation of the Pact, ''Alash tad
Al'ash tal Ashtu;' over and over until you find yourself alone
in the room, all flashing lights and crackling air dissipated,
and the rapture which had taken you having departed, leaving
your body exhausted and starved for food and sleep.

Luna Eclipse

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